Come one, come all! 2nd Annual Boulder Crest Hoedown


Here’s an invitation to attend Boulder Crest Retreat’s 2nd Annual Hoedown on Saturday, 6 June from 5pm to 9pm.

Please see attached flyer and the instructions below to secure tickets for this great event.

Best wishes, Charlie

Charles M. McKinney, III
CMDR, Leonard W. Kidd
Memorial Post 2001
The American Legion

Boulder Crest Retreat’s 2nd Annual Hoedown

Memorial Day Poppy Distribution Successful


Thank you again for giving of your time and your hard work distributing poppies for Memorial Day.  We distributed 2500 poppies and received $3754.50 in donations. I believe this is truly a record effort.

Also, we made contact with several potential Post candidates for membership.

Additional I believe that we fostered a good relationship with the community.

We recognize that the Ashburn community is very generous and caring.

See you for Veterans Day poppy distribution on November 6 & 7, 2015.

Very Grateful
Larry Rosenberger

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