Leesburg Today Sports Article on Ashburn Post 2001 Knights

Nice article in the Leesburg Today about our Knights baseball team. Kudos to Coach Allen, the Assistant coaches and our dedicated players.


Our next game is scheduled for tomorrow night (Thursday-7pm) at Heritage High School. (Winchester Post)

Coach Allen is still tyring to get Saturday’s game (11 July 1pm) rescheduled to Tuesday, 14 July, 7pm at Heritage High School. He is awaiting a Loudoun County response.

Dick Graff is available for Tuesday’s game, so hopefully we can have another pre-game ceremony and a first pitch by Dick.

I’ll advise everyone once I hear back from Coach Allen. I will invite Kevin Sloan from Leesburg Today to the game.

Unless we get a rain-out, I will not be at the meeting tomorrow night since I have missed the last 3 games dodging sharks in Myrtle Beach.

Jim Linn