Serving Together is Hiring – please share!

Some among you may have already seen this and passed it along to another veteran or posted it elsewhere. Perhaps the announcement itself would be good to post on the website as well.

Charles M. McKinney, III

CMDR, Leonard W. Kidd

Memorial Post 2001

The American Legion

Subject: Serving Together is Hiring – please share!

Hello all,

Serving Together, a program of Mental Health Association, is hiring for a Full-Time Veteran and Family Peer Navigator.  Ernie had emailed you all about this last week but I wanted to encourage you all to share this with your networks.  Veterans and military spouses are strongly encouraged to apply.  The position is based in Rockville.  Anyone interested can email their resume and cover letter to  I am available for any questions you might have about the position.  Thanks so much!



Jessica Fuchs

Program Director, Serving Together

Mental Health Association

1000 Twinbrook Parkway | Rockville, MD 20851