2016 Loudoun Salute Event After Action Report

The Salute was very well produced, directed and executed by 1st Vice-Commander Bob O’Such, with a cast of delightful supporting groups and speakers, including MAJ GEN Mike Smith (Deputy Chief of US Army Reserve); Dusty Baxley (Exec Dir, Boulder Crest Retreat); Mrs. Jessica Blood and the Hillside Elementary School Choir; Ken Moore who sang the National Anthem acapella; The Medical Musical Group Brass Quintet; Mrs. Phyllis Randall, Chair, and Ralph Buona, vice-Chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors; Joe O’Such, Student Executive Coordinator; and Trevor LeMaster, High School Essay on “What It Means to be a Soldier” Contest winner.

Many youth groups were involved, including Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and the Stone Bridge Civic Club assisting with escorting, ushering, set-up, concessions and anything else that was needed. There were numerous display tables with information and means to help veterans and their families to understand and receive their earned benefits or assistance. Six Service Officers were available to help veterans with prior, current or starting VA claims. And of course Sgt Charlie met and greeted many people and served to start discussions as to why dogs such as he are very therapeutic to our vets in distress.

All-in-all, a good event due to great planning and coordinating efforts, and a significant fundraiser for the Post to continue our work supporting the Four Pillars of the American Legion. Thanks to all who contributed time, skills, and money to make the 3rd Annual Loudoun County Salute to Military, Veterans, and Families successful.


From L to R:  Angela Joynt; Post member Delegate Tag Greason; Post 2001 Commander Chuck Loomis; SGT “Charlie Stonewall” (certified therapy dog).  Angela (SGT Charlie Stonewall’s owner/handler) and her husband, Jimmy, are very active in supporting our troops, especially those at Martinsburg (WV) VA hospital.


Chuck Loomis
First Vice Commander
American Legion
Leonard W. Kidd Memorial Post 2001
Ashburn, Virginia