Post 2001 – Thanksgiving Message

My Fellow Legionnaires:

Despite the greatly varying differences of opinion and unrest in our Country that the news portrays, most Americans fully appreciate the gift of Liberty with which we have been blessed.

That “gift” was earned by dedicated patriots and heroes who fought for it and sacrificed for it, and continue to do so today, so that we may still enjoy it. That alone is enough reason to give thanks to our Creator.

As you join with families and friends on Thanksgiving, please remember those Comrades who are posted around the world on active duty, those still suffering the ravages of both visible and hidden wounds, others who have lost loved ones, or have gone on to Post Eternal.

Give thanks that they were/are part of, and enabled us to have, so much that we have today.

Best wishes to you and your families for a meaningful and gratifying Thanksgiving.

For God and Country,


Chuck Loomis
The American Legion
Leonard W. Kidd Memorial Post 2001
Ashburn, VA